The one-night deposit is 100% refundable if you cancel at least 48 hours before your check in date (3:00pm check in time).

The deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the reservation less than 48 hours prior to your check in date.

In-house guests who wish to amend their scheduled departure date are required to give us notice at least 48 hours prior to intended check out to avoid a charge for the full stay.

Group Booking Cancellation policy is 30 days’ notice prior to arrival date. 


Room rates are based on single/double occupancy and quoted in CDN dollars. Room Rates are subject to both GST and Provincial Hotel Taxes. 

Please note that all Special Requests are not guaranteed and are subject to availability upon arrival and additional charges may apply. Maximum occupancy limits will be enforced. Limits apply to all ages.


TRIUMF House does not allow pets, except service animals.

TRIUMF House has a non-smoking policy. There will be a $250 charge added to your bill for smoking in any area of our guest house. Smoking outside the guest house must be at least six meters away from windows or doorways.


TRIUMF House is regrettably unable to accommodate children under the age of six. In certain instances, special arrangements may be made, and these requests should be forwarded to housing@triumf.ca. During the Beam time we try our best to accommodate guests with younger children, but only if our main floor suite is available.